Migrate from Intermodal Routing API v1 to Intermodal Routing API v8


The missing API versions from v1 to v8 are due to internal version alignment.


The following general actions must be taken to complete the migration:

  • change authentication method (only if you use accessId (v1) credentials parameter)
  • update request parameters
  • update output format

Changes Overview


Intermodal Routing API v8 introduces a new routing services:

Intermodal Routing v8 also modifies request parameters and response output. For more information on the migration instructions, see Intermodal Routing API.


We deprecated the accessId parameter (v1), a 20 byte Base64 URL-safe encoded string used for the authentication of the client application. We changed the way to get credentials with regard to where you access the HERE website. We introduced the OAuth 2.0 Token Credentials authentication method. For more information on the currently available authentication methods, see the Identity & Access Management Guide.

We removed the callbackFunc and callbackId parameters (v1).


The app_code credentials are not supported in v8.

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