HERE iOS SDK Release Notes

Resolved Issues

The following table summarizes major issues resolved in HERE iOS SDK.

Table 1. Resolved Issues
# Description
1 Fixed zoom level issue in Turn-by-Turn navigation.
2 Fixed issue with wrong locale for the title of map packages.
3 Fixed issue with map tracking when switching into background or foreground.
4 Fixed issue with incorrect boundingBox on NMAMapView for certain zoom levels with 3D projection.
5 Fixed issue with continuous trigerring of mapViewDidDraw callback.
6 Fixed flickering of place icons and labels.
7 Implemented serialization for truck restrictions.
8 Fixed incorrect maneuver and corresponding voice guidance issue in Paris.
9 Added penalties for controlled borders for Truck routing.
10 Fixed EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION issue when using SwiftUI.
11 Issue with incorrect junction view at highways is a map issue and it will be fixed with the map release in April,2020.