HERE iOS SDK Release Notes

New Features

The following list contains new features in the current release of HERE iOS SDK:


  • Implemented Voice Guidance for Fleet Telematics Custom Route feature.
  • Implemented didTapOn listeners for NMAClusterViewObject and NMAMapMarker classes.
  • Added tag field into NMAMapObject to simplify storing of related user data.
  • Improved API to get road names connected to current maneuver.
  • Added API to convert format of PNG snapshots.
  • Implemented API to draw custom images for clusters.
  • Added setDistanceToTriggerStopoverReached method in NMAFTCRNavigationManager.
  • Implemented weight-prefer feature for truck routing.
  • Added waypoint matching radius used for route creation.
  • Implemented retrieval of FTCR route warnings.
  • Improved routing algorithms to minimise use of small roads in truck mode.