HERE iOS SDK Release Notes

Resolved Issues

The following table summarizes major issues resolved in HERE iOS SDK.

Table 1. Resolved Issues
# Description
1 Fixed crash in boost library.
2 Fixed incorrect map view padding setup.
3 Fixed issue when stop waypoint blocks navigation instructions.
4 Fixed issue with deserialization of balanced truck route.
5 Fixed truck Icon color issue.
6 Added position value into AutoSuggestPlace class.
7 Improved the case when user is matched to parallel road.
8 Improved MapRasterTileSource performance.
9 Fixed FTCR rerouting issue in bus mode.
10 Fixed crash in NMAMapView when the initialization error happens.
11 Fixed crash in HttpClientSessionQueue class.
12 Use proper language in TTS engine.
13 Fixed drawing of map polylines with different altitudes but identical coordinates.