HERE iOS SDK Developer's Guide

Customizing LiveSight

LiveSight includes customization options that allow developers and designers to create many different and immersive experiences. The NMAARController class serves as a facade for overall LiveSight functionality, containing all of the methods and callbacks available for controlling and customizing LiveSight behavior.


The cameraParameters property, of type NMAARCameraParameters, encapsulates parameters that are related to the camera-enabled LiveSight view. The size property allows you to set the camera resolution to be used for the LiveSight camera view. Please note that using a high camera resolution may cause performance degradation. The default pixel resolution is 680x480. A list of the supported resolutions can be retrieved by using the supportedSizes property.

Other NMAARController Settings

In addition to NMAARCameraParameters, you can use other properties and methods in NMAARController to customize the following areas in LiveSight:
  • Alternative Center Location — LiveSight is not only limited to the current device location. It is possible to use the alternativeLocation property to set an alternative location ("space shift") for your LiveSight experience.
  • Camera View Configuration — Adjust settings related to the object display, such as only showing Front items.
  • Layout Updates — By default, LiveSight icons are set to update dynamically according to the current device position. However, you can optionally set NMAARController so that the Layout (containing the front and back icons) does not update until the device position has changed significantly past a threshold.