SDK for iOS Developer's Guide

Authenticating Applications

Developers using HERE SDK with their app are required to register for a set of HERE credentials and to specify these credentials (App_Id, App_Code, and licenseKey) in their application. Failure to do so results in blocked access to certain features and degradation in the quality of other services.

To obtain these credentials, visit the developer portal at and register for a license. Once your project is created, you can generate these credentials on your Project Details page. If you already have a plan, you can also retrieve these credentials from your Project Details page.

Note: Credentials are unique to your application bundle identifier. Do not reuse credentials across multiple applications.
Important: When switching from an Evaluation plan to a commercial plan new HERE credentials must be taken into use. Applications must not be commercially released (such as submitted to a store) using a license key obtained as part of an Evaluation plan. Once you have upgraded to a commercial license, you need to obtain your new license key on the Project Details page, add it to your app, and re-deploy your app. See Service Support to contact us for more details.

Adding Credentials

Ensure that you have provided the app_id, app_code and licenseKey before using HERE SDK. For example, set them in your app delegate:
- (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application
didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:(NSDictionary *)launchOptions
  [NMAApplicationContext setAppId:@"{YOUR_APP_ID}" 

  return YES;