SDK for iOS Developer's Guide

Map Schemes

Specific map schemes are available to offer your application users a choice among different kinds of map appearance.

Setting the Scheme

NMAMapScheme.h file defines schemes that HERE map service supports. You can set a desired scheme by changing mapScheme property of NMAMapView. For example:
mapView.mapScheme = NMAMapSchemeNormalDay;

Map Scheme Example on GitHub

You can find an example that demonstrates this feature at (Obj-C) and (Swift).

Examples of Map Schemes

All available schemes are defined as constant strings in NMAMapScheme.h file. The string values that your application can use to set a map scheme include:

Figure 1. NMAMapSchemeNormalDay
Figure 2. NMAMapSchemeSatelliteDay
Figure 3. NMAMapSchemeHybridDay
Figure 4. NMAMapSchemeNormalNight
Note: Your application also needs to switch to one of the following schemes if you set traffic information as visible. These map schemes are otherwise identical to their non-traffic counterparts.
  • NMAMapSchemeNormalDayWithTraffic
  • NMAMapSchemeNormalNightWithTraffic
  • NMAMapSchemeHybridDayWithTraffic
  • NMAMapSchemeHybridNightWithTraffic
  • NMAMapSchemeCarNavigationDayWithTraffic
  • NMAMapSchemeCarNavigationNightWithTraffic
  • NMAMapSchemeHybridCarNavigationDayWithTraffic
Note: In addition to the preceding schemes NMAMapSchemeSatelliteNight is also available. It is similar to NMAMapSchemeSatelliteDay but the color of the sky is different when the map is tilted.
Figure 5. NMAMapSchemeNormalDayTransit
Figure 6. NMAMapSchemeNormalNightTransit

Figure 7. NMAMapSchemeTerrainDay
Figure 8. NMAMapSchemeHybridDayTransit

Figure 9. NMAMapSchemeReducedDay
Figure 10. NMAMapSchemeReducedNight

Figure 11. NMAMapSchemeHybridReducedDay

Navigation Schemes

HERE SDK also offers the following schemes to be used with navigation:
  • NMAMapSchemeCarNavigationDay
  • NMAMapSchemeCarNavigationNight
  • NMAMapSchemeHybridCarNavigationDay
  • NMAMapSchemeHybridCarNavigationNight
  • NMAMapSchemeCarNavigationDayWithTraffic
  • NMAMapSchemeCarNavigationNightWithTraffic
  • NMAMapSchemePedestrianDay
  • NMAMapSchemePedestrianNight
  • NMAMapSchemeHybridPedestrianDay
  • NMAMapSchemeTruckNavigationDay
  • NMAMapSchemeTruckNavigationNight
  • NMAMapSchemeHybridTruckNavigationDay
  • NMAMapSchemeHybridTruckNavigationNight
If you are using a pedestrian navigation scheme, it is recommended that you also enable the pedestrian features in NMAMapView. See Maps for more details.
Note: HERE SDK does not automatically switch map schemes during navigation mode. Before starting car or pedestrian navigation be sure to save the current map scheme and switch to the appropriate navigation map scheme. When navigation has completed, your application code should switch back to the previously saved scheme.

For more information on how to perform navigation operations see Turn-by-Turn Navigation for Walking and Driving.

For information on the fleet map scheme see Mobile Asset Management.