SDK for iOS Developer's Guide

Size Management

This section provides tips on reducing the size of HERE SDK so your application uses less storage on consumer devices.

Remove Unused Font Files

By default, SDK for iOS includes a number of font files to support different languages. These files may range from a few hundred kilobytes to a few megabytes in size. You can remove unused font files to reduce the size of your HERE SDK-enabled application.

To remove HERE SDK font files, perform these steps:
  1. In Xcode, right-click on NMABundle.bundle and choose Show in Finder.
  2. In the new Finder window, right-click on NMABundle.bundle and choose Show Package Contents.
  3. Navigate to the optional-font directory.
  4. Delete unused font files. The removable fonts in this directory include:
    • NanumGothic_Regular.ttf - Korean
    • LohitIndic.ttf and LohitKanMalTamTel.ttf - Indic
    • HanSans_ExtraLight.ttf - Chinese

After completing these steps your application uses less space when it is installed on a device. The maximum amount that you can save with these steps is approximately 5MB.