HERE iOS SDK Developer's Guide


The HERE iOS SDK allows developers to offer users a panoramic street-level view for many cities.

Street-level imagery is a collection of interconnected 360-degree panoramas. These panoramas are referred to as "street-level sections" in the HERE SDK. For example, a city is divided into many street-level sections. The user moves the street-level view from section to section. Within each section, the user can use gestures to rotate and zoom the view (essentially, the user is looking through a camera viewfinder onto a 3D scene). Each section contains objects such as buildings, icon markers, and billboards that users can add, remove, and otherwise interact with.

Figure 1. Street-level Image from Las Vegas

The key concepts covered in this section include:

  • Display street-level coverage on a regular map view
  • Display street-level imagery in an iOS application
  • Transition between a regular map view and a street-level view
  • Override the default street-level gesture handlers
  • Add, remove and interact with components of the street-level scene