HERE iOS SDK Developer's Guide

Feature List

The main features offered by the HERE iOS SDK are listed below.

Note: You may not have access to all features listed below. The enabled features are determined based on your business plan.


  • Dynamically download vector maps for over 190 countries in over 60 languages
  • Preload maps for offline usage
  • Map styles: Normal, Night, Satellite with Streets, Terrain, and more
  • Touch gestures such as tap, pan, and pinch
  • Overlay objects on the map such as polylines, polygons, icons, routes
  • Map marker clusters
  • 3D landmarks
  • Overlay custom raster tiles on the map (useful for features such as heat maps)
  • Show real-time traffic flow and incidents
  • Traffic and transit object interaction
  • 3D venue maps
  • 3D Extruded buildings
  • Transit object interaction
  • Street-level imagery
  • 3D map objects


  • Online Car, Public Transit, Bicylce, Truck, and Pedestrian Route Directions
  • Routing options (Highways, Tolls, Fastest etc.)
  • Specify preferred route type (fastest or shortest) and route options (such as avoiding toll roads, motorways, and parks)
  • Alternate routes
  • Saving a route as a file
  • Offline route calculation
  • Driving directions with traffic taken into account
  • Public Transit directions using online timetables
  • Indoor routing

Turn-by-turn Navigation:

  • Online turn-by-turn navigation for pedestrian, car, and truck routes
  • Offline turn-by-turn navigation for pedestrian and car routes
  • Download and set additional navigation voices
  • Natural-sounding guidance instructions, such as "turn left at the gas station" and "at the next light, turn right"
  • Recorded audio and speech synthesis voices in a variety of languages. For a list of the available languages, see the Developer's Guide.

HERE Positioning:

  • Bluetooth network-based positioning, including:
    • Indoor positioning
    • Private Indoor positioning

LiveSight (Augmented Reality):

  • Project objects in a camera view
  • Track the position of the device and objects in space
  • Gesture support allows the user to interact with content
  • Configurable LiveSight engine allows the user experience to be customized

Other Features:

  • Custom location and custom location geometry search
  • Support for fleet dispatching and connectivity
  • Urban Mobility: transit station and departure information search
  • Map information for fleet vehicles and trucks
  • Congestion toll zones and the typical traffic patterns for a given time of the week

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