HERE iOS SDK Developer's Guide


Class Summary

class NMAEHLink

Derived from: NSObject

Represents a link for electronic horizon.

Include: NMAKit.framework/headers/NMAEHLink.h

Inheritance Diagrams

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Public Property Summary

Table 1. Public Properties
Public Properties

[readable, writable, assign] NMAEHLinkDirection   direction

[readable, writable, assign] NSUInteger  endOffsetCentimeters

[readable, writable, assign] UInt64  id

[readable, writable, assign] NSUInteger  startOffsetCentimeters

Instance Method Summary

Table 2. Instance Methods
Instance Method Summary

-(BOOL) isEqualToLink:(nonnull NMAEHLink *) link

Determines whether this NMAEHLink is equal to another

Class Details

Represents a link for electronic horizon.

Public Property Details

[readable, writable, assign] NMAEHLinkDirection  direction

The direction property represents the direction of movement


The direction can be NMAEHLinkDirectionForward or NMAEHLinkDirectionBackward.

[readable, writable, assign] NSUInteger endOffsetCentimeters

The endOffsetCentimeters is a distance from beginning of path to end of link in centimeters

[readable, writable, assign] UInt64 id

The id property represents the identifier of the link

[readable, writable, assign] NSUInteger startOffsetCentimeters

The startOffsetCentimeters is a distance in centimeters from the logical beginning of the path

Instance Method Details

Determines whether this NMAEHLink is equal to another.


YES if the links are equal, NO otherwise