HERE iOS SDK Developer's Guide


Class Summary

class NMAStreetLevelCoverageResult

Derived from: NSObject


Include: NMAKit.framework/headers/NMAStreetLevelCoverageResult.h

Inheritance Diagrams

Figure 1. Public inheritance diagram for NMAStreetLevelCoverageResult

[For complete information, see the section Class Details]

Public Property Summary

Table 1. Public Properties
Public Properties

[readable, assign] NMAStreetLevelCoverage   coverage

Street level coverage

[readable, assign] NSError *  error

Street level coverage request error

[readable, assign] NMAGeoCoordinates requestCoordinates

Original coordinates with which the coverage request was made

[readable, assign] float  requestRadius

Original search radius with which the request was made

Class Details

The result of a street level coverage check

Public Property Details

[readable, assign] NMAStreetLevelCoverage  coverage

Street level coverage.


A Result of NMAStreetLevelCoverageFailed means coverage could not be determined. It does not necessarily mean coverage is not available. See error property for failure reasons.

[readable, assign] NSError * error

Street level coverage request error.

Contains nil if coverage was checked successfully, otherwise contains an error code describing the reason for the failure. The most common failure scenario is a bad, or non existent, network connection.

See also NMAStreetLevelCoverageError for error codes.


No error (nil) does not mean coverage is available. See coverage property for actual coverage result.

[readable, assign] NMAGeoCoordinatesrequestCoordinates

Original coordinates with which the coverage request was made.

[readable, assign] float requestRadius

Original search radius with which the request was made.

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