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Class Summary

class NMAUrbanMobilityCity

Derived from: NSObject

contains all available information about a city.

Include: NMAKit.framework/headers/NMAUrbanMobilityCity.h

Inheritance Diagrams

Figure 1. Public inheritance diagram for NMAUrbanMobilityCity

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Public Property Summary

Table 1. Public Properties
Public Properties

[readable, assign] NSString *  country

[readable, assign] NSDate *  created

[readable, assign] NSString *  displayName

[readable, assign] NSInteger  distance

[readable, assign] NMAGeoCoordinates location

Geo coordinates of the city

[readable, assign] NMAUrbanMobilityMissingCoverage missingCoverage

[readable, assign] NSString *  name

[readable, assign] NSArray< NMAUrbanMobilityOperator * > *  operators

[readable, assign] NSInteger  population

[readable, assign] NSArray< NMAUrbanMobilityProvider * > *  providers

[readable, assign] float  quality

[readable, assign] double  relevancy

[readable, assign] NSString *  state

[readable, assign] NSInteger  stopsCount

[readable, assign] NSInteger  transportsCount

[readable, assign] NSDate *  updated

Instance Method Summary

Table 2. Instance Methods
Instance Method Summary

-(nonnull instancetype) init

Class Method Summary

Table 3. Class Methods
Class Methods

+(nonnull instancetype) new

Class Details

contains all available information about a city.


Public Property Details

[readable, assign] NSString * country

[readable, assign] NSDate * created

[readable, assign] NSString * displayName

[readable, assign] NSInteger distance

[readable, assign] NMAGeoCoordinateslocation

Geo coordinates of the city.

[readable, assign] NMAUrbanMobilityMissingCoveragemissingCoverage

[readable, assign] NSString * name

[readable, assign] NSArray< NMAUrbanMobilityOperator * > * operators

[readable, assign] NSInteger population

[readable, assign] NSArray< NMAUrbanMobilityProvider * > * providers

[readable, assign] float quality

[readable, assign] double relevancy

[readable, assign] NSString * state

[readable, assign] NSInteger stopsCount

[readable, assign] NSInteger transportsCount

[readable, assign] NSDate * updated

Instance Method Details

-(nonnull instancetype) init

Instances of this class should not be initialized directly

Class Method Details

+(nonnull instancetype) new

Instances of this class should not be initialized directly