HERE SDK for iOS (Starter Edition)

SDK for iOS Developer's Guide

Map Schemes

Specific map schemes are available to offer your application users a choice among different kinds of map appearance.

Setting the Scheme

NMAMapScheme.h file defines schemes that HERE map service supports. You can set a desired scheme by changing mapScheme property of NMAMapView. For example:
mapView.mapScheme = NMAMapSchemeNormalDay;

Examples of Map Schemes

All available schemes are defined as constant strings in NMAMapScheme.h file. The string values that your application can use to set a map scheme include:

Figure 1. NMAMapSchemeNormalDay
Figure 2. NMAMapSchemeSatelliteDay
Figure 3. NMAMapSchemeHybridDay
Figure 4. NMAMapSchemeNormalNight

Figure 5. NMAMapSchemeTerrainDay

Figure 6. NMAMapSchemeReducedDay
Figure 7. NMAMapSchemeReducedNight