Using avoid options

Isoline calculations supports the same avoid options that normal route calculation used, but their effects are a bit different:

  • An avoid option in route calculation would avoid using specific segments if possible, but still use them if required, issueing a critical notice.
  • An avoid option in isoline calculation is excluding segments from the isoline, making sure the area only contains segments that would not result in critical notices during route calculation.

Example: Avoiding controlled access highway

One can see the impact of the avoid options on the isoline by comparing requests with and without them.

curl -X GET \
curl -X GET \

The resulting isolines are:

Without avoid option
Figure 1. Without avoid option
With avoid option
Figure 2. With avoid option

Example: Empty isoline due to avoid options

If the isoline starts on segments that are avoided the resulting isoline will just contain the origin (as the user cannot calculate a route anywhere without getting a critical notice).

curl -X GET \
Empty isoline
Figure 3. Empty isoline


Isoline is an area of reach from or to a given point on the map, based on time, distance or fuel/energy consumption.

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