API Changes

The sections below list APIs that were added, changed, or removed.

Api Version 8.8.0

  • Added avoidance options avoid[zoneCategories], avoid[zoneIdentifiers], avoid[truckRoadTypes]
  • Added notice with code unknownParameter in case of unknown parameters

Api Version 8.7.1

  • Error reporting for avoid u-turns and truck category lightTruck combination

Api Version 8.7.0

  • Added avoid[uTurns] to allow users to avoid U turns without avoiding other difficult turns

Api Version 8.6.2

  • Disallow invalid isoline combinations: origin with arrivalTime, destination with departureTime

Api Version 8.6.1

  • Increased distance limit to 1000 km

Api Version 8.6.0

  • Added truck[weightPerAxleGroup] parameter to allow more fine-grained specification of axle weights

Api Version 8.5.0

  • Added truck[category] parameter
  • Added severity field to notices

Api version 8.4.0

  • Added X-Request-Id request and response header parameters for request tracing.

Api Version 8.3.0

  • Added truck[type] and truck[trailerCount] parameters.

API Version 8.2.0

  • Range type consumption is introduce for electrical vehicle.
  • EV parameters added to allow use of consumption.

API Version 8.1.0

Since this this the first release, there are no additions, changes or removals in this release.

For the full API specification, refer to the Isoline Routing Developer's Guide.

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