Get Credentials

All users of the Large Matrix Routing can use the Authentication and Authorization API, which is an OAuth 2.0 compliant REST API that allows you to obtain short-lived access tokens. You must include this access token in every request in the following HTTP request header:

Authorization: Bearer "access-token"

Generate Your Access Token

To generate an access token, do the following.

  1. Register or sign in at
  2. After creating your project, generate an app to obtain an access key ID and access key secret. To license Large Scale Matrix Routing services with your project, go to and contact the Sales team.
  3. Using your access key ID and access key secret, create an OAuth1.0 signature. For more information, see Create a Signature.
  4. Using this signature, request a token using the Authentication and Authorization API. For more information, see Request a Token.
  5. Use the token to make REST requests. For more information, see Use Your Token.

Tokens expire after 24 hours. Create a new signature and request a new token when your old one expires.

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