Dashboard – the web-based application for administrators and dispatchers. This is where users (dispatchers and drivers) and the fleet are managed, as well as orders uploaded, planned into tours, and dispatched for drivers. In addition, statistics on completed tours are also visible.

Driver app – the Android app available from the Google Play store, for drivers. The app receives tours dispatched to the specific driver, who can see the overview, navigate to each stop, complete (with proof) the order pickup or delivery, and finally end the tour. If returns to the depot are necessary, these are added to the end of a tour.

Optimization – the act of planning a tour on the dashboard. One or more orders are selected, as well as one or more vehicles. The result of optimization is one or more planned tours listed for consideration by the dispatcher. The result reflects the overall lowest cost. For example, even if 10 vehicles are selected, if HERE Last Mile can provide the most cost-effective solution for 8 vehicles, then this is reflected in the optimization result.

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