Create a Route

Prerequisite: orders, vehicles, and drivers are available on the dashboard.

  1. In the Orders panel of the Planning view, select one or more orders from the list.
  2. In the Available group on the Assignments panel select one or more vehicles.
  3. Click the Optimise button below. The number of orders you have selected is also displayed on the button. Optionally, you may choose to override optimization settings in the Optimization form:

    • Time window – data in the selected orders will be replaced. This is used to specify the earliest and latest time for all selected pickups or deliveries. If this period cannot be met, the orders are not added to routes.
    • Service time per stop – sets the same time for servicing all selected pickups or deliveries. For example, 3:30 for 3 ½ minutes.
  4. Click Continue to start the HERE Last Mile route planning. The time it takes to plan depends on a range of factors, including the number of orders, how many different time windows for orders need to be assessed, and how many different vehicle profiles are being used.

  5. A summary message is displayed when the optimization is complete. This confirms how many orders were planned into a certain number of routes. Any errors are also listed. The total cost, driving distance and time show the plan for the fleet. Routes are now displayed in the Planned group on the Assignments panel.


It is currently possible to optimize up to 1500 orders at one time. Should you have more than this number, please plan to enter them in batches.


HERE Last Mile optimizes for the most efficient operational cost. That is, if you select 10 vehicles, but the orders can be most efficiently delivered with eight of those, then eight routes are created. You can ‘force’ route creation for all vehicles by planning in smaller batches and selecting a smaller number of vehicles each time, so that a route is created for each vehicle.

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