Getting Started

Accept the invitation and create your account

After you are invited to join HERE Last Mile for your organization, you receive a personal invitation by email from HERE ( The invitation is unique for your email only.

  1. Click ‘Accept invitation’, which takes you to HERE Last Mile Welcome page.
  2. On the Welcome page create your HERE account – this can be used for all HERE products and services.
  3. If you already have a HERE Account, click the 'Sign in' link at the bottom and use your existing email and password.

Sign in

After you have accepted the invitation and created your account, go to On the Welcome to HERE page, enter your email and password.

You can choose to reset your password if forgotten or remember your sign-in information for next time.

If you belong to more than one organization, you are asked to select which one you want to use today, before seeing the dashboard. Otherwise, you are signed directly into the dashboard.

If you encounter any difficulties with log in, please see the Troubleshooting section for a possible solution.

Manage account settings in User Menu

The first time you sign in to the dashboard, you are asked to accept or decline cookies for HERE Last Mile. In the Improving services pop-up, click Decline or Accept cookies. You can change your selection via the Improving services link from the User Menu on the bottom left corner of the dashboard at any time in the future.

Any time you would like to manage basic settings for your account, you can do so from the User Menu.

Click on your account icon to the lower left to proceed to your User Menu. Here you can view your account details - name, email and your current organization.

The following options are available in the user menu:

  • Settings - proceed to check/set your timezone, preferred currency and CSV (order file) export delimiter. These settings can be changed anytime and are saved until you change them again.


Changing the timezone affects ALL times you see on the dashboard, including those for planned routes. For example, a route planned with timezone set to Western European Time (UTC) starting at 2:00 pm changes in the Assignments panel to start at 3:00 pm when the timezone setting changes to Central European Time (UTC+01:00).

HERE recommends you set the timezone to match the depot from which routes are run.

  • Sign out - click to sign out from your current account. You will proceed to the Welcome page where you can log in with your other HERE Last Mile accounts.
  • Documentation - direct link to the current HERE Last Mile user documentation.
  • Support - use this option to send your request to our support team via email if you encounter any issues that are not covered in this documentation.
  • Improving services - use this option to view or change your choice regarding the use of cookies.
  • Send Feedback - at HERE, we want to know what you like and how we can make your HERE Last Mile experience better. Use this option to tell us your opinion about the application. It is always possible to send feedback, even if you did not accept cookies to improve HERE Last Mile.
  • Privacy, terms, and conditions - when signing up for HERE Last Mile, you accept the HERE service terms and privacy policy. At any time, you may see links to the Service terms, Privacy policy, and Supplier notices from the user menu.

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