Manage Users

HERE Last Mile users are those who have access to either the dashboard and/or the driver app, for administration, route planning and executing. Every user logs in to HERE Last Mile with their unique email. Access the Users page from the menu bar to the left by clicking on the people icon.

The Users page is designed for adding, and managing or removing all types of HERE Last Mile users such as admins, dispatchers, and drivers (see Roles and Permissions).

Click on the Users icon (1) on the menu bar to the left to proceed to the Users page. Here you can view all the users of your organization, add (2), edit (3) or remove Vehicle Profiles and Vehicles.

Users page
Figure 1. Users page

All the users are listed on the Users page with their details like user name and last name, email, phone number, and role.

All the Active users (green) are those who have accepted their invitations and activated their accounts by confirming their emails. Active users with the role Driver are available for assigning to routes during route planning.

All the Invited users (yellow) are those who haven’t accepted invitations yet, therefore their accounts are not editable yet.

Drivers with the Active status can be set to Inactive (grey) if they are not available for assigning to a route at the moment for any reason. Click on the three-dots icon next to the desired driver and select Set as Inactive. If a driver is already assigned to a route, it can’t be set to Inactive.

Drivers with Inactive state can’t be assigned for routes. To make them active again, click on the three-dots icon and select Set as Active.

Add a User

To add a user, click the plus icon to the upper right (2) and enter all the user details in the Add new user form, including:

  • First name – the name displayed wherever used in HERE Last Mile. For example, for drivers, it is displayed in the availability list during route planning and on the driver app when logged in.
  • Last name – the user Last name.
  • Email – user email address that acts as a unique ID and is necessary for signing in.
  • Phone number (optional) – user phone number if necessary for your operations.
  • Role – choose Driver and/or Dispatcher (at least one role is required).
  • For the Driver, select a depot from the dropdown - the driver will be automatically assigned to that depot. You can select from the existing depots or None. If None is selected, then this driver won’t be assigned to any depot, but you can select a depot for this driver later when editing the user.

When done, click Add user to save the user and see them in the list.

Once a new user is added, their status is shown as Invited until they accept the invitation, activate their email, and sign into HERE Last Mile. Afterwards, they appear as Active in the user list.

Edit a User

To edit user details, click the three-dot icon (3) next to the desired user and select Edit. All details except for the email address may be updated.


If a user has a new email address, you add them as a new user and delete their old user. This is important for verifying the new email address, as it is needed for signing into HERE Last Mile.

Delete a User

Should one of your colleagues be unavailable, it is good practice to remove them from the user list.

For example, driver Robin Andersson leaves your organization; you, therefore, delete them from the user list. Now they are no longer shown as available for routes, which keeps the list managed and up-to-date for route planning.


Deleting a user does not affect reports from already completed routes at that depot. Report data from previous days may still be viewed.


You may only delete a driver who is not currently assigned to a route. Either un-assign them, or wait until their route is completed or cancelled first.

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