HERE Last Mile Dashboard is a web application where all the tour and fleet management is executed by the dispatchers and admins. Access the HERE Last Mile Dashboard at https://lastmile.here.com/.

Supported browsers

HERE Last Mile is optimized for the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on desktop but also works with the latest versions of other common browsers.


There are five main pages that you use to manage your organization, orders, tours, and to view reports. You can navigate between them by clicking the respective icons to the left. They are:

  • Orders Page, or Planning view (1) - here you can manage your orders, plan your tours, assign drivers, and use the map controls. See Manage orders for details.
  • Daily reports (2) - here you can view the tour reports for the specific date, view the summary of all tours and the list of individual tours. See Reports for details.
  • Users (3) - here you can view all the users of your organization with their details, add, edit or remove them. See Manage users for details.
  • Depots (4) - here you can add, edit or remove your Depots. See Manage depots for details.
  • Fleet (5) - here you can manage your vehicles and vehicle profiles. See Manage Fleet for details.
Dashboard landing page
Figure 1. Dashboard landing page

Additionally, from the main page you can access your User Menu to the bottom left (6), Map Controls to the right (7), switch between Depots to the upper left (8), switch the date to the top (9), and view the ongoing optimization to the top right (10).

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