End Route

When all the orders are executed, it is very important to tap End Route so that the dispatcher gets notified that the route is complete and that there are no further actions planned by the driver.

If there are any unsuccessful deliveries when the route ends, the driver app automatically adds those as returns for the depot and you see an extra stop in the route that takes you back to the depot. See also Return to Depot.

When all the orders in the route are completed, the notification will pop up at the top of the screen. Tap End Route to complete the route.

End route
Figure 1. End route

Once you end your route, you will see the Route Summary screen with overall route statistics including all the stops, deliveries, pickups, returns, and tasks.

If you will try to start a new route while another route is not finished (you haven't tapped End route), then you will see a notification saying that your route was not completed. Tap End Route in the notification pop-up to complete the route and to be able to start a new one.

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