End Tour

It is very important to tap End tour so that the dispatcher gets notified that the tour is complete and that there are no further actions planned by the driver.

If there are any unsuccessful deliveries when the tour ends, the driver app automatically adds those as returns for the depot and you see an extra stop in the tour that takes you back to the depot. See also Return to Depot.

End tour
Figure 1. End tour

Once you end your tour, you are presented with a Tour Overview screen with no tours. Swiping up displays the message that there are no dispatched tours available.

Ending Tour Early (Cancellation)

Sometimes you need to end your tour early, before completing all the pickups or deliveries. This may happen in the case of an emergency like vehicle breakdown, etc.

To end your tour early, open the main menu and tap on Tours, then tap the three-dot menu to the right of your current tour, and then tap End Tour Early.

End tour early
Figure 2. End tour early

You are presented with the End tour screen, where you must select the checkbox to confirm your intention. Once that is done, the End tour button is activated. Tapping on End tour returns you to an empty Tour overview.

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