Getting Started

The common process for a driver in the HERE Last Mile driver app looks as follows. You as a driver receive a route in your driver app. The route is optimized by the dispatcher and all the orders’ details that you may need when executing it are specified. You execute the orders, marking them as complete when the delivery or pickup succeeds, or incomplete when it fails. All your actions in the driver app are automatically synchronized with the Web Dashboard, so that the dispatcher can review your progress whenever the need arises. This way, there is no additional communication required. When the route is complete it is automatically seen by the dispatcher and billed by the system.

Follow the steps below to start with HERE Last Mile Driver’s mobile app:

Accept Invitation

To start using HERE Last Mile mobile app you should be invited to create your account. When you are invited to your organization, you receive a personal invitation by email from HERE ( This is unique for your email address only.

Proceed to your email inbox, open the email from and tap Accept invitation. It will take you to HERE Last Mile Welcome page.

Create a HERE Account or Sign in with the Existing One

Tapping Accept Invitation loads up a HERE Account page, where you can create a HERE Account. The email address field already has your email address. Enter the required information and create your password. When done click Create an account.

When your account is created, the system will ask you to allow access to your HERE account data, such as your profile, email address, and phone number. This is required for the correct operation of the application, so you should tap Accept.

If you already have a HERE Account, click Sign in at the bottom and use your existing email and password.

Confirm Email Address

When your account is created, proceed to your email inbox, find a new email from HERE and tap Confirm Email inside the email.

Download the App from Google Play or AppStore

When your account is created and the email confirmed, you will be suggested to download the application on your device. Tap Get it on Google Play if you are using Android, or Get it from App Store if you are using iOS.

Alternatively, you can search for the app by entering HERE Last Mile in the Google Play Store or App Store search box.

Running the App for the First Time

After you install HERE Last Mile on your phone, start the application and you are welcomed on the Sign-in page.

Enter your HERE account email address and password to log in.

When logged in for the first time, you will be suggested to turn on Locations and Push notifications on your device. The location needs to be turned on for using turn-by-turn navigation in your app, and for using the location tracking. the Push notifications should be allowed to inform you regarding the new assignments and route updates. Tap OK, then select the desired option - while using the app, only this time, or don't allow.

Next, you will be suggested to turn on traffic. Tap OK to turn traffic on, or No to skip this step. Note that you will be able to turn traffic on or off later at any time when using the app.

Next up, you will be suggested to allow HERE Last Mile to collect the app usage info and WiFi and cellular usage info. Tap OK to enable data collection, or No to disable.

If you have enabled using location on the first step, you will see the notification saying that the location is on. Tap I Understand to confirm.

Next up, you will see the notification suggesting to allow precise location. If you would like to enable this option, tap Go to settings, and in the App Info section tap App Permissions. Here all your current permissions policy is displayed including Location, Camera, Files and Media, Microphone, and Physical activity. Set up the permissions of your choice and tap Back to return to the app main screen. Alternatively, tap Dismiss in the Allow precise location notification, to skip this step.

In case you are a part of multiple organizations, you might get a prompt where you simply tap on the organization you are working with today.

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