Main Menu

Tap on the profile icon to the bottom right to reveal the Main Menu. This shows your name, email address, and the different menu items available.

Main menu
Figure 1. Main menu
  • Location Tracking - tap the toggle to enable or disable dispatchers to track your current location. Note that to use Location Tracking, you should turn on location all the time in your device settings.
  • Organization - displays the current organization you are registered for.
  • Activity status - displays your current status.
  • Upcoming tours - view the upcoming tours that have not yet been dispatched to you.
  • Settings - basic application settings like downloading maps, voice options, route preferences, etc. See the Settings section for details.
  • Give feedback - allows you to answer one question about how likely you are to recommend HERE Last Mile.
  • About - tap to access the End User Terms and Privacy Policy, Privacy in HERE Last Mile, Supplier and Open source software notices, and data clearence options.
  • Support - contact HERE Last Mile support.
  • Sign out - allows you to return to the Sign-in screen, and sign in to a different organization if applicable.

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