Route Overview

Once you have logged in and performed the first setups, you are presented with the Map view with the Route menu selected by default in the Route tab at the bottom of the screen. When a route is dispatched and assigned to you, you will see the pop-up at the top of the screen suggesting to start the route.

Before you start the route, you can swipe the route stops to view their details.

Alternatively, tap Stop List next to the Route button, to view the full list of the stops. Select the Returns tab to view the list of returns, if there are any. You can use this view any time during the route execution.

Also, if you tap Progress next to the Route button, you can view the progress of the route execution devided by overall Stops, Pickups and Deliveries.

When you are ready to start, tap Start, you will see the Route overview screen.

Route overview
Figure 1. Route overview

The first stop is the depot, where you can pick up your orders for the day. Tap the navigation button to activate turn-by-turn navigation.

Note that if the Location Tracking is enabled in your app, then it starts sending your location data to the dispatcher when you start the route.

Also note that you can anytime tap Scan at the left bottom to scan a barcode to proceed to a pickup or delivery for that specific item.

Once you reach the depot, tap on the Pickups to complete them.

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