Notice that the pickups are listed in reverse order so that you first load your vehicle with the pickups for your last delivery stop. In this way, you can easily access the deliveries you need early in the tour.

You can tap Complete individually for each order, or you can press and hold one of the orders, then perform a multi-action, by tapping each selection box or directly using the Select all button, and then tapping on Complete.

Pickup single completion
Figure 1. Pickup single completion

The pickup can then be confirmed with a barcode scan, a signature, or a photo. You also have the option to add a driver note. When done tap Mark as complete. Your dispatcher will see the proof of delivery such as barcode scan, signature, or photo in his dashboard.

You are then presented with your first delivery. You can swipe up to see more details, or swipe down again to see the map overview.

Tap Go to start the delivery process and then the navigation icon, to start turn-by-turn navigation.

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