From the Main Menu, tap on Settings, to open the Settings menu which has multiple options that you can adjust.

Figure 1. Settings
  • Voice Options - allows selecting voice type for the turn-by-turn navigation. Tap Voice Options, then Choose Voices to the bottom to select the desired voice type and language. Select None to disable voice navigation.

  • Download Maps - allows downloading detailed maps of your region for offline navigation. This option reduces the amount of data that your phone downloads when you are on the road. Tap Download Maps, then tap Download Maps to the bottom and select the desired region and country.

  • Show traffic on the map - enable or disable showing current traffic on the roads.

  • Map options - settings for map orientation and map features. Here you can select 3D or 2D maps, enable or disable landmarks and 3D buildings.

  • Route preferences - allows enable or disable avoiding ferries, motorways, tunnels, or toll roads. Also here you can set the type of route that will be built for you - balanced, fastest, or shortest.

  • Improving services - enable or disable sharing app usage data to help HERE better understand how the Last Mile app is used. The link at the bottom of the page takes you to the privacy policy.

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