Tour Overview

Once you have logged in and performed the first setups, you are presented with the Tour overview screen. Swipe up to view your tour details. If no Tours were assigned to you yet by the dispatcher, then you will see the message saying “Can’t load tour - no dispatched tour available”.

When a tour is dispatched and assigned to you, you will be notified with the pop-up message.

Swipe up to view the list of stops, the first of which is the depot, where you can pick up your orders for the day. Tap Go to start your tour, then tap the navigation button to activate turn-by-turn navigation.

Tour overview
Figure 1. Tour overview

Once you reach the depot, you can tap Go at the top left, to complete the pickups.

At any time, if you return to the Tour overview, you can swipe up, then tap the three-dot menu on the top right to view all orders or just the returns.

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