Quick Start Guide

The HERE Last Mile solution includes a web application for the dispatchers and administrators (the dashboard), and a mobile application for the drivers. The dashboard is available on the link https://lastmile.here.com/dashboard, and the mobile driver app on the Google Play.

This section is intended to explain in brief the basic flows for operating both the dispatcher web application and the driver mobile application and how they interact. You can find the detailed explanation of all the HERE Last Mile features further in this guide.


Dashboard – the web-based application for administrators and dispatchers. This is where the administrator manages users (dispatchers and drivers), and the dispatchers manage the fleet and the routes.

Optimization – the act of planning a route on the dashboard. One or more orders are selected, as well as one or more vehicles. The result of optimization is one or more planned routes listed for consideration by the dispatcher. The result reflects the overall lowest cost. For example, even if 10 vehicles are selected, if HERE Last Mile can provide the most cost-effective solution for 8 vehicles, then this is reflected in the optimization result.

Driver app – the Android app for drivers available from the Google Play store. The app receives routes dispatched to the specific driver, who can see the overview, navigate to each stop, complete (with proof) the order pickup or delivery, and finally end the route. If returns to the depot are necessary, these are added to the end of a route. For the Driver app detailed instructions click here.

Roles and Permissions
Role Permissions
Dispatcher Manages the users (drivers and admins), fleet, and depot information in the dashboard. Has access to the full range of order management and route planning functionalities, as well as daily route reports. Dispatcher can view proof of delivery and proof of pickup information collected by the drivers.
Driver Receives and undertakes routes in the mobile app, including starting a route, navigating to each stop, completing the stop activity (pick up or delivery) with proof, and completing the route at the end.
Admin Currently the same as a dispatcher.

The common process of planning and executing the routes in HERE Last Mile looks as follows:

  1. Dispatcher uploads the orders in the dashboard.

    For this, sign in to your account at https://lastmile.here.com/dashboard. On the Orders panel of the planning view, use the Add orders option. Use your preset orders file in CSV or XLSX format or add your orders manually. When your orders are added in the dashboard, you are ready to dispatch your route.

  2. Dispatcher assigns and optimizes the route with orders to a driver in the dashboard.

    Select the desired orders from the Orders list, then select a vehicle and a driver (or several) from the Assignments to form a route. When a route is formed, click Optimize to perform your route optimization. When the route is optimized, the Dispatch button will appear just above the driver. Click Dispatch to send the route to the driver's app to start it. Now the driver received a new route in his mobile application.

  3. Driver completes the route in the mobile application.

    For this, as a driver sign in to your Android app. You will get to your route overview. Tap on your route, then tap Go on a specific assignment to start delivering it, then tap on the assignment tile and tap on the expand button next to the recipient. Click Mark as complete to complete the assignment or select Unable to complete – such assignments will be marked as Not done.

  4. Dispatcher follows the progress in the dashboard.

    Once the driver starts delivering the route, as a dispatcher you can follow the progress in the dashboard. Click on the expand button next to the desired driver to see the list of all the driver’s assignments. When an assignment is completed, it is marked with the green checkmark, when failed – with the grey cross. Additionally, dispatcher can view proof of delivery and proof of pickup information collected by the drivers, such as signatures, photo proofs and barcode scans.

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