Downloading from AWS S3

If you select AWS S3 as your delivery preference in the Delivery Settings page, then the "Add new S3 account" dialog box appears (below). In this dialog, you can do the pairing of your AWS S3 account with the HERE-owned AWS account to get read access on the data uploaded to the HERE-owned S3 bucket. To add a new AWS S3 account, enter your AWS ARN in this dialog, then click Save. If the ARN is accepted, a message indicating success will appear.

Add new S3 account
Figure 1. Add new S3 account

If other users from your realm have already added ARNs, then you will see a pre-populated drop down in which you can select any of the existing ARNs. If you don't have access to any of these existing ARNs, then you can use the Add Account option to add a new AWS ARN.

Select your S3 account...
Figure 2. Select your S3 account...

Check whether the S3 bucket is accessible by downloading the sample file present in the bucket. You will find the bucket name which starts with "hld" as part of a confirmation dialog (below). Then click on Confirm to check if S3 bucket is accessible.

AWS S3 access granted
Figure 3. AWS S3 access granted

If you are adding AWS ARN for the first time across your realm, you will receive an invitation email inviting you to subscribe to a catalog. Follow the instructions in the email to complete the subscription.

If you have successfully completed the steps above, return to the Delivery settings and Add to cart page.

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