Set delivery preference

Select the 'Delivery Preference' option under the user profile to set your default delivery medium. You can access 'Your Profile' by clicking on the down arrow in the top right corner.

Your Profile
Figure 1. Your Profile

Choose either of the options available on the delivery preference dialog box:

  • HERE Data Catalog (via Marketplace): The processed lidar data will be uploaded in the versioned layer under a data catalog on the HERE Marketplace.
  • AWS S3: You can do the pairing of your AWS S3 account with the HERE-owned AWS account to get read access on the data uploaded to the HERE-owned S3 bucket.

Select the option HERE Data Catalog and click Save to save the delivery preference as the HERE Data catalog.

HERE Data Catalog delivery preference
Figure 2. HERE Data Catalog delivery preference

To add AWS S3, click next and enter your AWS ARN, then click Save.

AWS S3 delivery preference
Figure 3. AWS S3 delivery preference

If other users from your realm have already added ARN, then you will see the pre-populated drop down from where you can select any of the existing ARN. In case you don't have access to any of the existing ARNs, then you can use the Add Account option to add a new AWS ARN.

AWS S3 ARN dropdown
Figure 4. AWS S3 ARN dropdown

Check whether the S3 bucket is accessible by downloading the sample file present in the bucket. You will find the bucket name which starts with 'hld' as part of a confirmation dialog. Then click on Confirm to check if S3 bucket is accessible.

AWS S3 delivery preference
Figure 5. AWS S3 delivery preference

Note that if you select AWS S3 as the delivery preference, then you will need to complete the 'Subscription to catalog' activity at least once, or else you may see a warning message while placing an order preventing you from submitting it.

If you are adding AWS ARN for the first time across your realm, then (after confirming the S3 bucket access) you will receive an invitation to subscribe to a catalog. Please refer to the Subscribe to the Data section for steps to follow after you receive an invitation. Only after you complete a subscription will you be able to use AWS S3 as a delivery medium.

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