Select lidar data

Once you select the HERE Lidar Data product in the Marketplace listings, click the "Buy" button in the landing page to display the Order Selection page (see below). The dots on the map in the Order Selection page identify where lidar data is available. If you zoom into the map, then more dots appear to give you an increasingly precise idea of lidar coverage.

HERE Lidar Data portal - Order selection page
Figure 1. HERE Lidar Data portal - Order selection page

Search area

To select the desired lidar data in the map, create an area of interest on the map using the tools provided in the panel to the left of the map:

  • Search for a region: Search for your area of interest by entering descriptive text to get the boundary of an area. For example, you can enter the name of a city, zip code, state, or country. You can then use the following options to create a smaller area of interest within your selected area:
  • Narrow down your area: You can select an area using either the Box tool to draw a bounding rectangle, or the Polygon tool to draw a bounding polygon. Select a tool, click on the map, move the mouse to draw the shape, and double-click to finish. You can view the size of the area while selecting it to ensure that the area does not exceed your allowed limit. You can resize the selected area by dragging the corners of the bounding shape on the map.
  • Custom region: You can create an area by uploading a shape file (.shp or .kml) instead of using the Box or Polygon tool. At present, the portal does not support a multi-polygon shape file.
  • Date range: The most recent collected data (irrespective of the year it was collected in, from 2018 to the present) is available in a given area. Keep in mind that the end date will be set to the latest collection date available in a given area.

Note: If your account limits you to a certain number of square kilometers per order, or you're making a self-serve order limited to 100 linear kilometers, then the background of the selected area will turn red when you exceed your allowed size, as shown below.

Maximum area limit exceeded
Figure 2. Maximum area limit exceeded

An area that's within your allowed size will appear as a green overlay in the map, as shown below.

Permissible lidar area selection
Figure 3. Permissible lidar area selection

Once you have highlighted the desired road segments with lidar availability, clicking the Next button loads a page to review your order

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