Subscribe to the data

After processing your order submission, you will receive an email to view and subscribe to the private listing created in the Marketplace for your order.

Data listing email example
Figure 1. Data listing email example

Click View in the Marketplace to open the Marketplace Listing page. This link is valid for one time use only and you may see an error 'Couldn't find invitation' if clicked one more time. In such case, you can find the listing that is shared with you by searching the order name in a search bar displayed under ‘Store’ tab of the Marketplace.

Review the listing details, and then click the 'Subscribe' button to subscribe to the listing.

Marketplace listing page
Figure 2. Marketplace listing page

Click on 'See terms and conditions' to open the Terms and conditions page and enable the 'Start Subscription' option. Review it and then select the 'Agree to terms and conditions' checkbox.

Click the Start Subscription button.

Terms and conditions page
Figure 3. Terms and conditions page

Finally, activate the subscription by clicking the 'Activate Subscription' button on the Confirm Subscription Activation email within seven days upon receipt.

Confirm subscription activation email example
Figure 4. Confirm subscription activation email example

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