Access Restriction conditions identify situations where specified types of vehicles are prohibited from travelling on the road at specific times. It also identifies which lane(s) allows access for HOV vehicles only, and provides requirements for accessing these lanes.


Optional conditionOverride

Property Type Description
conditionOverride boolean N/A

Optional hovAllowsAlternateFuelVehicle

Property Type Description
hovAllowsAlternateFuelVehicle boolean Indication if cars running on alternate fuel can use

Optional hovAllowsException

Property Type Description
hovAllowsException boolean N/A

Optional hovAllowsFeePay

Property Type Description
hovAllowsFeePay boolean Indication if payment of a fee allows for using the HOV lane(s)

Optional hovAllowsHybrids

Property Type Description
hovAllowsHybrids boolean Indication if Hybrid Car can use the HOV lane(s)

Optional hovAllowsMotorcycles

Property Type Description
hovAllowsMotorcycles boolean Indication if Motorcycle can use the HOV lane(s)

Optional isVariable

Property Type Description
isVariable boolean N/A

Optional minPassengers

Property Type Description
minPassengers integer Minimum number of passengers to qualify as HOV vehicle


Property Type Description
seasonallyClosed boolean N/A

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