Country Metadata that is published.


Optional EBUCode

Property Type Description
EBUCode string The EBU (European Broadcasting Union) code associated with the Location Table from where the TMC code is derived.

Optional adminLevelDescriptions

Property Type Description
adminLevelDescriptions AdminLevelDescription Contains tuple of (Admin Level Feature Type, Admin Level Description)

Optional countryCode2Char

Property Type Description
countryCode2Char string The ISO-3166 Alpha-2 code of the country. This is included for all countries.

Optional currencyPrecision

Property Type Description
currencyPrecision integer The number of digits used after the decimal point or comma for the currency. See also Precision

Optional currencyType

Property Type Description
currencyType string See Currency type

Optional drivingSide

Property Type Description
drivingSide DrivingSide This attribute identifies the legal driving side in a country. This attribute is critical for route calculation and route guidance.

Optional houseNumberPlacement

Property Type Description
houseNumberPlacement HouseNumberPlacement House Number Format identifies the position of the house number, in the standard address notation for a country.


Property Type Description
maxAdminLevel integer This attribute identifies the valid number of administrative levels of a country. When creating the administrative hierarchy, this attribute can be used to determine the valid number of administrative levels per country.

Optional phoneCountryCode

Property Type Description
phoneCountryCode string Phone Country Code identifies the international dialling code for a country.

Optional speedLimitUnit

Property Type Description
speedLimitUnit SpeedLimitUnit Speed Limit Unit

Optional timezone

Property Type Description
timezone string N/A

Optional unitOfMeasure

Property Type Description
unitOfMeasure UnitOfMeasure Unit of Measure identifies the unit of measure mostly used in that country to describe road and traffic conditions. Іee also Unit of Measure

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