Property Type Description
accessCharacteristics VehicleTypes


Property Type Description
speedCategory integer Speed Category classifies the general speed trend of a road based on posted or legal speed and is provided to enhance route calculation and the timing of route guidance. Speed Category values represent the combination of several factors besides legal speed limit (e.g., physical restrictions or access characteristics). Therefore, Speed Category values can differ from From/To Speed Limit values, which represent the legal speed limit only.Values 0:Unknown, 1:>130 km/h, 2:101-130 km/h, 3:91-100 km/h, 4:71-90 km/h, 5:51-70 km/h, 6:31-50 km/h, 7:11-30 km/h, 8:<11 km/h. For more information, see Speed Category.


Property Type Description
travelDirection TravelDirection Travel Direction identifies the general direction that vehicles are allowed to travel on a link or lane.



Property Type Description
adminContextList string A Roadsegment has an administrative context that defines a unique set of administrative areas applicable to the Roadsegment. Disputed Area coding is represented by having multiple Administrative context objects published for a Feature. The basic international view is published together with 1 or more disputed contexts with the ISO country code of the claiming country, so representing the countries view.


Property Type Description
conditionalAttributes ConditionalAttribute


Property Type Description
divider Divider Divider identifies the presence of a legal or physical divider preventing specific manoeuvres. 1 = Reference Node and link, 2 = Non-Reference Node and link, A = Both nodes and link, L = Link only, N = No divider.


Property Type Description
endNode EndNode Non Reference Node / End Node


Property Type Description
functionalClass integer Functional Class defines a hierarchical network used to determine a logical and efficient route. Functional Class = 1, 2, 3, and 4 roads are connected to form a comprehensive road network for navigation of long distance, mid-range and short routes in any given coverage area. May be used to render on a map display an amount of road network compatible to zoom level defined by the end user. For more information, see Functional Class


Property Type Description
isLegalDivider boolean Indication whether the Divider is a Legal Divider.


Property Type Description
laneAttributes LaneAttributes Collection of attributes regarding the Lane counts


Property Type Description
roadCharacteristics RoadCharacteristics Collection of attributes that describe characteristics of the Road


Property Type Description
roadClass integer Road Class identifies a road network based on governmental classification. For more information, see Road Class


Property Type Description
roads string Array of Road Names and Addressing information


Property Type Description
speedLimitFrom integer Speed Limit is the legal speed limit for vehicle in positive direction (from start to end node). For more information, see Speed limit


Property Type Description
speedLimitTo integer Speed Limit is the legal speed limit for vehicle travel in negative direction (from end to start node). For more information, see Speed limit


Property Type Description
startNode StartNode Reference Node / Start Node


Property Type Description
zLevel ZLevelIndex Sparse array of zLevels, i.e. only non-zero zLevels listed. The relative z-coordinate that can be used to derive relative position of a link when crossing other links

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