Map Feedback API Developer's Guide

Other Feedback

This section provides examples for submitting Other feedback.

User story

An important area for people is flagged.

The request summary below provides the required data for all the required components (HTTP Header, Resource, and POST Body) of the request to submit feedback.

Request Summary

Request Component Value
HTTP Header field Group-Id : FGx1AWaAzKOo0imNkLmf
HTTP Header field Auth-Service-Id : here_app

Application ID for your application

HTTP Header field Auth-Identifier : {YOUR_APP_ID}
HTTP Header field Auth-Secret : {YOUR_APP_CODE}
HTTP Header field Content-Type : application/; charset=UTF-8
HTTP Header field Accept : application/
HTTP Header field Accept-Charset : charset=UTF-8
Resource Feedback : Note that there are no request parameters
Post Body type : Point
Post Body coordinates : 8.1109931,47.8995140,0

WGS-84 compliant longitude and latitude for the location of the sign.

Post Body v : 3.0

Version of the Map Feedback API used to report the feedback.

Post Body subType : 1

Specific information about the nature of the request.

Post Body error : 970

Error code indicating an Other map feedback request.

Post Body appId : {YOUR_APP_ID}

Application ID for your application


The HTTP Headers field values are as follows:

Group-Id: FGx1AWaAzKOo0imNkLmf
Auth-Service-Id: here_app
Auth-Identifier: {YOUR_APP_ID}
Auth-Secret: {YOUR_APP_CODE}
Content-Type: application/; charset=UTF-8
Content-Disposition: application/; charset=UTF-8
Accept: application/
Accept-Charset: charset=UTF-8
The request is as follows:
The request body is as follows:

  "type": "Point",
  "coordinates": [8.1109931,47.8995140,0],
  "properties": {
    "v": "2.7",
    "appId": "{YOUR_APP_ID}",
    "error": 970,
    "domain": {
      "subType": 2
    "details": "this area is really important for people"


The response to the request contains:

  • a globally unique ID (GUID) that identifies the submitted revision
  • id for tracking the status of the revision
  • the information submitted in the feedback
  • timestamp and layerID information

The response for this example is as follows:

    "layerId": "grp|wiki|WIKI_MAP_FEEDBACK",
    "lastUpdateTS": 1418201944918,
    "coordinates": [
    "guid": "354516c9e571332eaa13ae1b3fc344a825dc1d56",
    "id": -19753,
    "type": "Point",
    "createdTS": 1418201944918,
    "properties": {
      "zoomLevel": 18,
      "domain": {
        "subType": 1
      "error": 970,
      "languageCode": "deu",
      "v": "2.7",
      "appId": "{YOUR_APP_ID}",
      "isocc": "DEU",
      "details": "This area is really important for people",
      "pageURL": ",47.8995140,0,normal",

For more details about tracking the feedback status, see Tracking Feedback Status.