Map Feedback API Developer's Guide

Reopen Feedback

The user finds that a feedback committed previously is closed. Since the user does not approve of the outcome, it is necessary to reopen the feedback.

HTTP Header Fields

Map Feedback API POST requests require the following HTTP header fields:

Option 1: APIKEY authentication

Auth-Service-Id: here_app
Auth-Identifier: apikey
Auth-Secret: {YOUR_APIKEY}
Content-Type: application/; charset=UTF-8

Option 2: APP_ID / APP_CODE authentication (deprecated)

Auth-Service-Id: here_app
Auth-Identifier: {YOUR_APP_ID}
Auth-Secret: {YOUR_APP_CODE}
Content-Type: application/; charset=UTF-8


The POST request requires the following POST body.

  "id": -12345,
  "properties": { 
    "jobStatus": "REOPENED",
    "investigationDetails": "Please re-investigate the case. I have evidence that the place is at a new location." 


The response to the request contains:

  • a globally unique ID that identifies the previously submitted and closed feedback
  • a new GUID that identifies the reopened feedback
  • id for tracking the status of the revision
  • the information submitted in the feedback
  • the note explaining why the feedback should be reopened
  • timestamp and layerID information
  "previousGuid": "3b92ce04724759eb83f4d47243d5be3255a7ed44",
  "layerId": "wikvaya/feedback/main",
  "isoCountryCode": "USA",
  "lastUpdateTS": 1500472970020,
  "coordinates": [-88.63245, 42.88425, 0],
  "guid": "838347529fa4a46a1b7213f80aec324452112c0e",
  "id": -12345,
  "type": "Point",
  "nodeId": "feedback",
  "createdTS": 1500472630676,
  "properties": {
    "jobStatus": "REOPENED",
    "referenceIds": ["976397653"],
    "investigationDetails": "Please re-investigate the case. I have evidence that the place is at a new location.",
    "error": 31,
    "languageCode": "eng",
    "zipcode": "60605",
    "jobId": -501685,
    "number": "114",
    "jobSolution": "NONE",
    "v": "2.7",
    "appId": "<your app_id>",
    "isocc": "USA",
    "details": "MyPlace has moved to a different location two blocks away from old location",
    "currentValues": {
      "coordinates": [-87.63245,
      "name": "MyPlace",
      "zipcode": "60610",
      "number": "44",
      "roadname": "Old Street name"
    "roadname": "East Congress Parkway"
  "states": [null,
Note: This request sets the property jobSolution to NONE and resets the following feedback properties:
  • acceptedValues
  • rejectedValues
  • jobSolutionDetails
  • jobSolutionNotes
  • mapRelease