Map Feedback API Developer's Guide

Feature Categories

The HERE Map Feedback API supports a variety of request and response features. Some of these features are available for general use, while others are only experimental and must be used with care in applications. To indicate which features require special attention, the following categories are used in the tables in the API Reference that contain additional information about the features.

The categories are as follows:
  • General Availability features – these features are publicly available, stable within major versions, and only backwards-compatible changes occur within minor versions.
    Note: Unless otherwise noted, all features in this document are General Availability features.
  • Preview features – these features are guaranteed to become General Availability features in a future release, but they may change in backwards-incompatible ways while in Preview. While Preview features are often publicly available, they may only be subject to limited availability and require an access request.
  • Experimental features – these features may or may not be released as General Availability features in future releases, and they may even change in backwards-incompatible ways. In some cases, you may need to request access separately.