Map Feedback API Developer's Guide

HTTP Request Headers

The Map Feedback API uses HTTP Request Headers for authentication credentials and content settings for requests.

The following section explains each of the headers in detail.

Table 1. Headers
Header Name Description
Accept Specifies which media types are acceptable for the response (see Accept header specification ).
  • For feedback submission requests: application/
  • For feedback status requests: application/json
Accept-Charset Sets the character set used in the response. Default: UTF-8.
Auth-Service-Id Specifies the application associated with the Map Feedback API.

here_app indicates the feedback is for your application.

If you are using the Map Feedback API with another application, consult your HERE customer representative for the appropriate value.

Auth-Identifier Header for the app_id used in conjunction with the request. Substitute your own unique value.
Auth-Secret Header for the app_code used in conjunction with the request. Substitute your own unique value.
Content-Type Specifies the media type of the body in POST requests.

Must be: application/; charset=UTF-8.

Content Disposition For new feedback submission requests: form-data; name=-"file";filename="myFile.png"

application/; charset=UTF-8.

For submitting new feedback: form-data; name="feedback"

For submitting an attachment for existing feedback: multipart/form-data, boundary="RANDOM_DELIMITER"

Group-Id Identifier used by the Map Feedback API to identify incoming feedback submissions.


Note: This value is the same for all feedback submissions.
If you need to manage limitations caused by the cross-origin domain sharing (CORS) mechanism, you can set the header parameters as part of the URL. If you do so, the URL must contain the parameter CORSH. Its value must be a JSON encoded String of the headers object. The HTTP header is overwritten in this case.

http://host/path?CORSH=encodeURIComponent(JSON.stringify( {
"Content-Type": "application/; charset=utf-8",
"Accept": "application/json; charset=UTF-8",
"GroupId": "FGx1AWaAzKOo0imNkLmf",
"AuthServiceId": "here_app",
"Auth-Identifier": "<put your app id here>",
  "Auth-Secret": "<put your app code/token here>"
    } ) )