Map Feedback API Developer's Guide

Feedback Response Properties

The properties data structure contains the response information for feedback.

The following table lists the status fields in status responses.

Table 1. Status Information
Element Data Type Description
jobStatus String Only included in status responses.
The possible values are:
  • OPEN – feedback received, but processing not started
  • INPROGRESS – Feedback processing underway
  • CLOSED – Processing completed and outcome recorded in the jobSolution field. The possible values for the jobSolution field are:
jobSolution String Only included in status responses.
The possible values are:
  • NONE – not closed yet
  • FIXED – feedback accepted in part or in full
  • WONTFIX – feedback not accepted
jobSolutionDetails String
If the result in the jobSolution field is WONTFIX, then the jobSolutionDetails field may have one of the following values:
  • UPDATE_REFLECTED – Your requested change is already in the HERE database and will appear in a future release.
  • INCOMPLETE – Provided information insufficient to resolve Map Feedback
    • INCOMPLETE-ADD_SOURCES - Provide additional source material such as PDF, reference, or other document for the reported situation.
    • INCOMPLETE-LOCATION_UNKNOWN - We are unable to locate the issue. Provide proper location information.
    • INCOMPLETE-MORE_DETAILS - Provide more details for the attribute, POI, or address.
  • NOT_SPEC_COMPLIANT – Request does not meet our Map Specifications for Inclusion
    • NOT_SPEC_COMPLIANT-PROTECTED_GEOMETRY - Update requested on protected geometry
    • NOT_SPEC_COMPLIANT-ROUNDABOUT_BELOW_25 - Roundabout below 25m diameter
    • NOT_SPEC_COMPLIANT-CUL_DE_SAC_BELOW_25 - Cul de Sac below 25m diameter
    • NOT_SPEC_COMPLIANT-BRIDGE_LESS_200i - Bridge/Tunnel less than 200m
    • NOT_SPEC_COMPLIANT-MILITARY_ZONE - Edits inside military base/zone not allowed in this country
    • NOT_SPEC_COMPLIANT-BUSINESS_LIMITATION - Feedback in country with legal or business limitations
    • NOT_SPEC_COMPLIANT-CURRENT_VALID - Feature (link, Place or address) currently within HERE specification tolerances
    • NOT_SPEC_COMPLIANT-INCLUSION_CARTO_TYPE - Requested type of cartographic feature does not meet HERE inclusion rules
    • NOT_SPEC_COMPLIANT-INCLUSION_CARTO_SIZE - Requested cartographic feature does not meet HERE size inclusion rules
    • NOT_SPEC_COMPLIANT-INCLUSION_FEATURE - Feature (link, Place or address) does not meet HERE specification for inclusion
    • NOT_SPEC_COMPLIANT-ATTRIBUTE - Attribute does not meet HERE specification
  • EDIT_NOT_ALLOWED-DEALER_PLACE - Only edit car/truck/motorcycle dealer places based on official lists HERE receives from automotive customers. Contact your national headquarter to get car/truck/motorcycle dealer places changed.
  • REALITY_REFLECTED – Database Reflects Reality
    • REALITY_REFLECTED-DATABASE_CORRECT - According to our sources, we have found our database to be correct , the requested change will not be included
    • REALITY_REFLECTED-IMAGERY_DIFFERENT - Geometry edit request not matching with our recent imagery
Note: Preview feature.
jobSolutionNotes String Further notes are available from manual resolution.
mapRelease String

Scheduled release data for resulting update, if the result in the jobSolution field isFIXED. Only valid or available ROAD, ADDRESS and PLACES feedback.

Note: Preview feature.
releaseDate String YYYY-MM-DD when FIXED change was applied.
rejectedValues Object

Properties rejected affected by reasons given in jobSolution .

Note: Preview feature.
acceptedValues Object

Properties accepted during moderation and used for map updates to HERE map.

Note: Preview feature.