Map Feedback API Developer's Guide

Feedback Submission Request Body

The request body feedback request data structure contains the general information about the feedback request.

Table 1. Request Body Elements
Element Required Data Type Description
type Yes String Must be either Point, Line, or Area.
Note: This value varies for the different categories of feedback submissions. For more information, see the relevant section in the Feedback Request Properties.

A Point is a single WGS-84 compliant geocoordinate set indicating one point on the globe. A Line is a set of WGS-84 compliant geocoordinates that defines a line with a start and end point.

coordinates Yes Geo coordinate (Point), Geo coordinate[] (Line), Geo coordinate [] (Area) Longitude WGS-84 degrees between -180 and 180, latitude WGS-84 degrees between -90 and 90, and an optional altitude. The Geo Coordinate itself an array of these two values: [ Lng,Lat]
properties Yes Feedback Request Properties Set of information that defines the feedback submitted

Geo Coordinate Point Example

The coordinate for a point would be described with these properties:


Geo Coordinate Line Example

The coordinates for a line are described as an array with more than one points with these properties:

"coordinates": [

Geo Coordinate Area Example

The coordinates for an area are described as an array of multi-arrays with coordinate lists that represent multi-polygon structures. Each structure can describe a polygon area and can optionally be followed by an area that defines a shape that should be excluded from the initial polygon, allowing for the creation of complex shapes. A good example is a lake with an island, where the lake is the first polygon and the second polygon defines the island.

"coordinates":"coordinates": [
  [ [ 121.35131, 24.94922 ],
    [ 121.35156, 24.94878 ],
    [ 121.35258, 24.94925 ],
    [ 121.35249, 24.94948 ],
    [ 121.35131, 24.94922 ] ]