Map Feedback API Developer's Guide

Error Report Types

Table 1. Error Report Types
Type Error Code Description
Road 10 A road is missing
11 This road's information is incorrect
12 There is no road here anymore
43 Turn restriction info missing or wrong
44 Other restriction (legal, or so on) missing or wrong
Address/City 20 The address is missing
21 The address is incorrect
22 There is nothing at this address
23 Postal Code is incorrect
24 City is missing
25 City is incorrect
Places 30 A place is missing
31 This place's information is incorrect (including Venue places)
32 This place is closed
33 Place is at an incorrect location
34 Place is a duplicate of another
Turns 43 Turn restriction information is missing or wrong
Imagery 51 Image is obscured by clouds
52 Image is unclear or blurry
53 Image is out of date
54 Mapped road does not match satellite image
Inappropriate Content 61 Commercial content or illegal spam
62 Negative, violent, or hateful content
63 Vulgar or sexually explicit content
64 Endangers my privacy and/or my identity
SLI 900 Street level imagery
Carto 910 Cartography
Signs 920 Map feedback about Signs
Traffic 930 Map feedback about traffic related incidents
Probe (deprecated since version 2.7) 940 Probe indication of linear road feedback
Product Feedback 950 Map Feedback about Products
Road Network 960 Map feedback about Road Networks
Road Conditions 980 Map feedback about the condition of the road
Deprecation Notice

The probe-specific properties are deprecated for removal in this release and will be removed in the next release. We recommend to remove this function from your applications now.