Map Feedback API Developer's Guide

Probe-specific Properties

Deprecation Notice

The probe-specific properties are deprecated for removal in this release and will be removed in the next release. We recommend to remove this function from your applications now.

Probe feedback must be sent as LINE object.

Table 1. Probe Feedback Attributes
Element Required Data Type Description
referenceIds No String[] Reference IDs for roads for which feedback is submitted (if available) if it specifically refers to an update case.
domain Yes Object Probe Request structure with the following attributes encoded.
  ↳ subType Yes Integer Specific information about the indicator type as described below
  ↳ confidence Yes Number Confidence value from 0 (low probe volume or correlation) to 100 (high probe volume with correlation). Do not use values higher than 50 if indication only comes from one collection system and has not been correlated
  ↳ rev No Boolean Specific direction, default is false.
Table 2. Incident subType table
SubType code Description
Indicator Type 1 New Road Geometry
2 Change Direction
3 Change Turn Restriction
4 Road Closure
5 Change Road Geometry