Map Feedback API Developer's Guide

Road Conditions

Road Conditions must be sent as POINT data.

Table 1. Road Condition-Specific Properties
Element Required Data Type Description
error Yes String 980 for Road Conditions
type Yes Integer Main differentiator of road conditions. 1 for condition type Physical Road Conditions
subtype Yes Integer Condition subtype

For possible values, see the table below.

timeconstraint No Object Specification of the time constraint
type Yes String Property of object timeconstraint, possible values are:
  • allyear
  • seasonal
  • temporary
from Yes String Start date or date of first recognition in the format "YYYY-MM-DD", property of object timeconstraint
to No String End date in the format "YYYY-MM-DD", property of object timeconstraint
surface Yes Integer Surface type, possible values are:
  • 1: tar
  • 2: asphalt
  • 3: concrete
  • 4: chipseal
  • 5: cobblestone
  • 6: brick
  • 7: gravel
  • 8: sand
  • 9: dirt
  • 10: wood
  • 11: ice (ice roads, winter roads)
lanenumber No Integer, Array Affected lanes, for example [1,2] - if not set, all lanes are affected.
severity No Integer Severity of the reported road conditions, possible values: 1-100, not applicable to requests specifying the following subtypes: 1, 10, 11, 20, 30, 31, 41, 43, 100
rev Yes Boolean Specific direction of the link
details Yes String Free text description of the obstacle on the road

The following tables describe the values some of the properties above.

Table 2. Condition subtype codes
Code Description
1 Pothole
10 Missing speedbump
20 New pavement applied
30 Paved
31 Not paved
40 Drainage gully missing
41 Drainage gully removed
42 Drainage channel missing
43 Drainage channel removed
60 Lane grooves
70 Cattle stop
80 Railway crossing
81 Ford
100 Lane damaged