Map Feedback API Developer's Guide

Road Network Properties

Road Network feedback should be sent as POINT locations which are closest to the problem.

Table 1. Road Network Properties
Element Required Data Type Description
error Yes String 960 for Network
referenceIds No No Reference IDs for roads for which feedback is submitted (if available). Alternatively or additionally to a Line that describes the exact geometry.
domain Yes Object Request structure with the following attributes encoded.
↳ subType Yes Integer Specific information about the Network type as described below.
  ↳ rev No Boolean Specific direction; default is false.

The following tables describe the values of some of the properties above.

Table 2. Network subType codes
Network subType code Description
10 Add traffic coding
11 Delete traffic coding
12 Modify traffic coding
20 Add intersection coding
21 Delete intersection coding
22 Modify intersection coding
1 Ferry
2 Toll cost
3 Absolute height