Map Feedback API Developer's Guide

Sign-Specific Properties

Sign feedback can be sent as POINT or LINE data.

Table 1. Sign Feedback Attributes
Element Required Data Type Description
domain Yes Object Sign Request structure with the following attributes encoded
signValue Yes String Value posted on sign; specific truck values are listed in the following Signs signValue Table
signUnit Yes String Unit of posted sign
rev No Boolean Specific direction; default is false
subType Yes Integer Specific information about the nature of the request as described in the following Signs subType Table
Table 2. Signs subType Table
Sign Type Add Missing Delete Existing Wrong Information Units
Speed Limit Sign 1 2 3 kmh or mh
General Sign 4 5 6  
Truck: Weight per Axle sign 15 16 17 T Tonne or US Ton
Truck: HazMat 20 21 22 (none)
Truck: Weight restriction sign 10 11 12 T Tonne or US Ton
Truck: Height restriction sign 30 31 32 m Meters
Truck: Width restriction sign 40 41 42 m Meters
Truck: Length restriction sign 50 51 52 m Meters
Truck: Trailer count sign 60 61 62 (none)
Truck: Tunnel category 70 7 72 (none)
Table 3. Signs signValue
signValue Code Description
HazMat Values 1 Explosives
2 Gas
3 Flammable
4 Flammable solid/Combustable
5 Organic
6 Poison
7 Radioactive
8 Corrosive
9 Other
20 Any Hazardous Material
21 Poisonous Inhalation Hazard (PIH)
22 Goods Harmful for Water
23 Explosive and Flammable
Tunnel Category 24 Tunnel Category B
28 Tunnel Category C
32 Tunnel Category D
34 Tunnel Category E