Map Feedback API Developer's Guide

Traffic-specific Properties

Traffic incidents should be sent as LINE object, but could also be POINT as fallback if no linear data is available.

Table 1. Traffic-Incident Feedback Attributes
Element Required Data Type Description
error Yes String 930 for Traffic Map Feedback
referenceIds No String[] Reference IDs for roads for which feedback is submitted (if available). Alternatively or additionally to a Line that describes the exact geometry.
domain Yes Object Traffic Request structure with the following attributes encoded.
↳ subType Yes Integer Specific information about the incident type as described below
↳ severity Yes Number Value from 0 (no restriction) to 100 (full closure).
↳ rev No Boolean Specific direction, default is false.
Table 2. Incident subTypes
SubType Code Description
Incident Type 1 Roadblock
2 Construction
3 Event
4 Accident