Map Feedback API Developer's Guide

Carto Types

The tables below contain some of the possible values available for carto types, which may be visible in responses or map objects. The information and the associated places category information is updated frequently. If you do not already have this documentation, contact your HERE customer representative.

Table 1. Building cartography types
Carto type Description
2005000 Business/Commerce Building/Landmark
2005050 Convention/Exhibition Building/Landmark
2005100 Cultural Building/Landmark
2005150 Education Building/Landmark
2005200 Emergency Service Building/Landmark
2005250 Government Building/Landmark
2005300 Historical Building/Landmark
2005350 Medical Building/Landmark
2005400 Park/Leisure Building/Landmark
2005450 Residential Building/Landmark
2005500 Retail Building/Landmark
2005550 Sports Building/Landmark
2005600 Tourist Building/Landmark
2005650 Transportation Building/Landm
2005700 Unclassified Building/Landmark
2005750 Place of Worship Building/Landmark
2005800 Industrial Building/Landmark
2005850 Parking Building/Landmark
2005900 Miscellaneous Building/Landmark
2005999 Enhanced Building/Landmark
Table 2. Traffic cartography types
Carto type Description
1700215 Parking Lot
1700216 Parking Garage
1800201 Railroad
1800202 Subway Line
1800203 Light Rail
1900403 Airport
1907403 Aircraft Roads
9997007 Railyard
9997008 Seaport/Harbour
900158 Pedestrian Zone
900159 Undefined Traffic Area
2000408 Hospital
2000124 Shopping Centre
2000200 Industrial Complex
2000403 University/College
2000420 Cemetery
509998 Beach
2000123 Golf Course
2000457 Sports Complex
2000460 Amusement Park
2000461 Animal Park
Table 3. Boundaries cartography types
Carto type Description
907196 Country
908000 Cartographic Country Boundary
908001 Cartographic State/Province Boundary
908002 Neighborhood Boundary
908003 Cartographic Settlement Boundary
907197 Disputed Country Boundary
908004 Cartographic Disputed Country Boundary
9997021 China Ocean Country Boundary
9997022 China Undefined Country Boundary
Table 4. Hydrography cartography types
Carto type Description
500412 River
500413 Intermittent River
500414 Canal/Water Channel
500421 Lake
509999 Island
Table 5. Land-use cartography types
Carto type Description
1010001 Mountain Peak
1030002 Desert
1030003 Mountain Range
1030004 Savanna
1530002 National Forest
1530003 National Grassland
1530005 National Park
1530006 National Recreation Area
1530009 Nature Reserve

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